About the Busy Bee

I'm the Busy Bee. You can call me Bee. Or Busy. Or the Busy Bee.

Perhaps you could call me a better life investigator. I want to find the best way to live this ferris wheel called life and bring back some balance.

I'm a corporate escapee (but mainly because I love the term!!) who now works part-time in an office job and has two young kids: Princess Sparkles (4) and Captain Destroyer (2). I have a delightful husband (Mr Busy Bee) and a very dumb dog.

I'm notorious for both multi-tasking and procrastinating, although I'm trying to overcome both of these afflictions.

My obsessions are nice stationery and collecting quotes and ideas. I have multiple cute notepads and coloured pens stashed around the place with funny quotes and quirks written in them. I know that I have to stop buying expensive coloured pens, but I just can't do it.

Apart from my expensive stationery problem, I'm really very sensible and practical. Although I always dreamed of being a writer, I listened to my sensible self and sent myself off to university to get a sensible degree, followed by a very sensible corporate job.

Now that I have children, I write to have something in my life that is not very sensible. I tried to write a novel, but couldn't keep myself in the headspace for long enough while trying to maintain some semblance of control in my life with two little cherubs, a house that doesn't keep itself and a terribly sensible job.

I love to discuss the meaning of life, why on earth anyone would have kids and when we will REALLY see gender equality. So here I am, writing about those things.

Follow me and chat as I explore the way to a simpler life. I always enjoy some good banter.

You are also welcome to share my posts on Facebook, twitter or other media. I'd love to have people reading my stuff, but please make sure it links back to my original post.


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